Friday, November 30, 2007

Delivery date set for Knowledge Base Software

One of the most important features of the concept design for the NRM Toolbar is the Knowledge Base application. This software will allow any group working in NRM to create web-based databases of relevant knowledge. This capability is becoming increasingly important as organisations wish to show they are using best available evidence for NRM decision-making.

The schedule for delivery of this software has been finalised and it will be available from the end of Feb 2008.

The team has already received interest in the software from ten regions that are looking to use it to catalogue internal hardcopy material and link to external digital items. Key features of the new software will be:
  • the ability to select search results of interest from the NRM Search Engine and automatically add the metadata from that source into the knowledge base, dramatically reducing the need to add metadata;
  • the ability to select where research has been done and automatically adding decimal degrees from the Place name Gazeteer, allowing generation of Google map interfaces in future releases;
  • a standard metadata schema but also the ability to add your own customised metadata fields, for example your organistation 'themes';
  • a built in workflow for any member to add suggestions of new items but then going through a nominated quality assurance moderator.

If you are interested in what the Knowledge Base software could do for you, please contact Mat Silver from the team for a chat.

Friday, November 16, 2007

That special time

It's coming to that time of the year - the office Christmas Party. The theme for tonight is disco!! Should be good fun :)

It's a shame Melanie and Bruce are not in town - they're still on the road back to Canberra from Colac where they were meeting with the Corangamite CMA. This regional body is up to stage 3 of the 5 stages within the process for developing a knowledge strategy. The Regional Knowledge Resource Kit is available at with lots of great information for regional bodies.

Anyway, hope to see Bruce and Mel in the office Monday - bright-eyed & bushy-tailed (as they say) **where does that phrase come from??


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gotta quesion? service

Just thought I'd post up one of the recent questions we received to our Gotta question? service ( The question was passed on to the Exchange service run by Greening Australia as this is one of the areas they specialise in.

What is the proper density (per sqr metres) required for establishing a new riparian vegetated zone comprising a diversity of trees, shrubs and groundcover?

Other question topics include:
  • roadside vegetation management policy and management guidelines for local governments
  • Envirofund money provided in the Wet Tropics
  • Land & Water Australia's knowledge and adoption program
  • what research has been done on serrated tussock management.
The service is FREE to NRM professionals - so if you have a question about anything NRM-related and can't find answers or papers or other information, do let us know!