Thursday, October 11, 2007

Charleville dust storm!

Hi, Bruce and Melanie here. We are in Charleville for workshops with the South West NRM regional body. They're at stage 4 in the 5-stage Regional Knowledge Strategy process. In Stage 4 the results of the three lines of enquiry (information mapping, surveys, anecdote circles) are brought together into a 'sensemaking' workshop. Then the region works out what to do about things in an action planning workshop.

The workshops went really well, with some excellent action projects developed for South West NRM to take forward.

We have really enjoyed our visits to Charleville and the great hospitality we have received there. Once again we ate at one of the best Thai restaurants we've found anywhere and took in the night sky at the Cosmos Centre. With thanks to Rachel Greenfield from the Save the Bilby Fund we were given a very special behind the scenes tour of the Bilby Centre.

On our first night in Charleville a wild storm came through. Before the rain there was a dust storm - evidence of the very dry times the region has been facing.

Watching the storm (and looking rather windblown!) from the verandah of the historic Hotel Corones are (left to right) Melanie Randall (LWA), Trish Dames (Avon Catchments Council WA), Bruce Boyes (LWA) and Shawn Callahan (Anecdote Pty Ltd). Trish joined us to observe the Stage 4 process, with Avon just about to commence thr process too. Anecdote are consultants to the project, and have advised us on the Regional Knowledge Strategy process.

A very special close encounter with the endangered Bilby.